Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Here is one of the things I have been looking at I know I have not been posting for some time thing have gone crazy at my house lately
Here is the thing you need to know about Varolo
(the a brand new site that claims you can make tons money by watching 10 minutes of ads a day.)
According to the site, you can earn literally thousands of dollars a month, but is it for real?
I signed up for Varolo myself to check it out.
I was pretty skeptical about it, but figured it was worth a try since it was free, and I could just cancel if it was not for me
The only thing they asked for was my email address, which they have now had for some time and I still haven’t been spammed or anything yet, so that’s good
The commercials are getting way better, a lot of them are even funny now, and I kind of enjoy watching them
The way they make it work isn’t by just paying you a certain amount to watch commercials. You do get something for watching them (not much) but you also get a little bit of money when the friends you recruit watch, when their friends watch, and even when those people’s friends watch -
The intro video goes into a scenario where if you recruit 12 just friends, and then they get 12, etc… you will be making over $3,000 per month.
So, in a sense, it isn’t just about “getting paid to watch ads” there’s a little more to it than that.
The numbers work, plus there is a weekly jackpot, like a lottery, and every commercial you watch is like a ticket to win.
If you want to check it out yourself, click here: Varolo

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cash Crate Today's Project

Today's Project

last night I was surfing the web and funded a Cash Crate Review I looked at it
it was about a site that pays you to take survey if you would like to read the review
here's the link http://www.cashcratesecrets.com/ there is a page about tip in it to
that I funded helpful so I play a little on it today here's a screen shot of what
I done so far if you know more about this or have tip about it please email me
I plan to do a follow up on this when I have more info or find that its not working for me  that all for tonight have a good one

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project Get Rich

Hi my name is Bill Jones I am a 29 year old slacker what I mean by that is not much has got me off my butt to do anything but video games if there was a game I like I would work only hard enough to get it then quit to play it but just a week ago every thing changed I was send to pick up my brother in-law 848 miles away for home now the trip up there was no big deal but on the ride home I broke down and this was the deal breaker I was mad and fed up with my life having no money and no why to fix my problem so now I am going to do something to change all that because a blog is the best way to keep track of everything I am doing wither it be my success or failure and just to share all of it with me the computer and the Internet world here it goes this is my first blog and with that getting the ropes of it all will be a fun adventure

Project Get Rich

Project get rich is my project to get rich with no start money I have nothing but a public library card
a room in my mothers trailer house and a beat up old Chevy Astor van and a great desire to get rich I have heard that you can make lot of money on the Internet and other way to make money ether fast quick money or the slow way make no different to me I am going to try it all and share it with you
if you have ideas and things for me to try please send them my way and I will look end to them
for the most part I will be looking for everything I can find that is free and easy to do not that I will not have to work at it but that the process is so simple to do that a kid can learn it I guess that it for this first post I'm going to go surf the web for thing to try thank for doping bye Please subscribe or follow my blog to see if I can get rich